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Sample Vacations

Vietnam & Cambodia 5-Star Walking

It’s unlike anywhere else. Raw and simple one minute, bustling and friendly the next. In one breath dramatic and tranquil. A sail among the limestone peaks in Halong Bay. Footpaths that snake through secluded rice paddies. A quiet nod from villagers leading buffalos to water. Touching the ethereal ruins of Angkor with your own hands. It’s a journey full of color and intrigue. Every meal is a metaphor for the region’s complex culture. Every 5-star hotel offers soothing comforts. Temples that defy centuries. Smiles that bridge oceans. And local guides that open doors long closed.

Old Indochina from Hanoi to Angkor Wat – 10 days
Date:  Dec
Prices from $5198 US

The Rockies Bike & Heli family vacation, Canada

This biking and heli hiking adventure will take you to new heights! An adventure with dates designed for families, this trip offers every member of the family unique inclusions. Children of all ages will delight in exploring alpine meadows, swimming in the natural pond, wildlife viewing and the infamous ‘bum-sliding’. All the while parents can appreciate the comforts of the spa, the wine list featuring unique Okanagan Valley wines and dedicated expert naturalist guides for the children. You will never forget the Banff National Park when seen from your bicycle’s saddle or from high in the sky! All while staying at deluxe hotels.

6 days
July to September
Price: from $5495 US

6 Days Mallorca on two wheels!

Few island destinations can match the glorious climate and world-class biking routes of Mallorca. The largest in Spain’s Balearic archipelago, this idyllic Mediterranean isle has long been a magnet for European cyclists and professional teams seeking a sunny locale for early- and late-season training. And its geographic diversity seems created with cycling in mind. From long, flat coastal roads, to gentle inland rollers, to quad-busting switchback climbs up the region’s highest mountain range, the island offers outstanding terrain for all persuasions. What’s more, each epic day in the saddle brings the promise of extraordinary cuisine, superb local Manto Negro wines and splendid accommodations.  Mallorca is every cyclist’s dream. Around every bend on this remote Mediterranean island off the Spanish coast, some of the world’s most magnificent vistas greet you. Your Mallorca cycling vacation will see you cover virtually traffic-free roads, where you’ll cycle through sunny landscapes that are at once serene and remarkably dramatic. Neat rows of orange groves are nestled amidst vast plains, perfect for the beginner cyclist. Up for a challenge? Not a problem. Mallorca has all the climbing you could ever need in the soaring peaks of the Tramuntana and Alfabia mountain ranges, their rocky slopes spilling into the sparkling sea. There is a reason that the pros choose to train here year in and year out. The cycling here is equally suited to beginners and pros alike.
Remarkable beauty is just the beginning on this bicycle trip, though. Rustic villages and sacred monasteries beguile with their charms and Mallorcans are always close at hand with hearty welcomes. It’s easy to imagine all things epic unfolding here on such a grand stage. And with a pleasant climate year-round, superb hotels, and incredible gourmet cuisine, you’ll be biking, eating, and drinking in style.

Departures in October/November

Price starting from US$ 4995

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